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TomTom 7 Review

Subject: TomTom 7 Review

I got my paws on TomTom 7 and Canadian maps from P2P. TomTom7 is not even shipping yet. It is only available and being shipped on a few devices. Some folks have hacked out the code and released it.

TomTom 7 really ought to be called TomTom 6.1. The amount new is all good but not huge. The maps/poi’s are new! TomTom is 100% my favorite navigation software. The one thing still missing is the lack of identifying over voice the name of the street you are suppose to turn on.

So what’s new:

– Better and smoother handling of searching through contacts for navigation

– For major highways TomTom knows the speed and alerts you to when you are speeding by a threshold

– Status bar Items can be vertical or horizontal

– You can change the icon that represents your current location

– There now is a quick menu that allows you to add action buttons to the side of the map

– You can now download map corrections other users have uploaded. Unfortunately this can only be done if you have loaded TomTom Home on your PC and can only be done when connected to your PC, it can not be done over the air or over WIFI.

– The maps have more color based whether it is water, parks etc

– You can now search POIs (point of interest) across categories (instead of only within the category)

– You can download an update to the POI database. This can be done over the air or WIFI!

– TomTom buddies allows you to see where your friends are once you’ve linked up as well as send msgs

– Unfortunately the maps for TomTom7 that I have found is over 800MB Vs 133MB for V6. The V6 maps were Canada only, the V7 maps are all of North America.

So it’s all good. But nothing earth shattering, for me anyway.


June 8, 2009 - Posted by | GPS Stuff

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