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Camera on the iPhone

The camera on the iPhone has always been very minimal and the 3gs has not done a whole lot of improvement. I am disappointed in how slow Appple have been to even catch up with other smart phones. Upgraded to 3mp the camera is improved over previous generations but with lame optics, pathetic user interface, no self timer, no user controllable options and no flash it is a paper only improvement. After being maligned for the last 3 years they finallly added the ability to take videos. The videos can be emailed (and your email account better allow a file that large), send them to YouTube or use the paid mobile me. You can also drag them onto your desktop but strangely they seem to take a while to show up on the list of files Windows sees. I recorded a 9 sec video with default settings (default because you can’t change ANYTHING) and it ended up 964K, so roughly 100K/second.

So to call this camera basic is an understatement. Once you have a pic a number of programs like Facebook etc can use them. You can email them but still 3 years later can not attach a photo to a reply or reply to all. Unbelievable. I wonder sometimes if Apple engineers ever actually use their own products or read reviews and hear what is infuriating their customers? Come on Apple you can do better.


August 12, 2009 - Posted by | iPhone Stuff

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