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App store on the iPhone

The App store on the iPhone was a brilliant move by Apple. They made it simple and easy for users and developers to find each other. It’s such a good idea Windows Mobile, RIM and Android have all jumped on the idea. A true area of innovation that has been there from the start. Apple has to be commended for finding something revolutionary that is a CASH COW for them! Brilliant …

So what are some of my favorite aps?:
– a fabulous program for financial data and news

– a twitter client that support adding pictures and current location to your tweets

– from Canada’s weather network. Very well done. Puts the built in one from Apple to shame.

– one of the best instant messenger aps with support for so many clients. A MUST HAVE. Unfortunately does not support landscape keyboard and you can not follow URLs sent in instant messages. Odd.

– going away but by far the best news reader

– an app to update your blog on the fly. Supports landscape keyboard and supports offline blog creation. Brilliant

Admit One (Now Playing)
– a great ap for finding movies near you and new DVD releases

– a great ap for finding movies near you and new DVD releases. This one even includes an ability to see a bunch of pics from your favorite movie copy them to your photo roll and use them as home screens!

Linked in
– not bad

– a fabulous program with a clumsy interface to help you navigate your way through the transit systems of many cities across the world.

Mocha Remote Desktop Lite
– a Microsoft RDP client to allow you to connect back to your desktop

– a very well done interface to Facebook. In some ways better than online. Still missing the ability to upload videos.

– a wonderful program to show you restaurants bars etc in your vicinity with ratings. You can add your own ratings but oddly enough you need to go the web site to submit them and the web site is not iPhone friendly. Makes it a two step process. When you provide a review it tweets the review! Strangely enough no ability to save a place to your contacts?

Urban spoon
– another good restaraunt find/review app. Different coverage so both good. When you provide a review it tweets the review!

iMapmy ride
– a good albeit buggy attempt at GPS logging. Good for creating maps of hikes, bike rides etc. Just don’t press the wrong button or you just interrupted your logging. See my rant on the GPS for more details.

– a totally incredible program you can use to identify songs. It will listen to the song, analyse it and then provide you with lyrics, links to itunes to preview/buy it, email it to yourself, twitter it the whole deal!

– find a gas station, bank, atm, theater etc near you. Well done an simple basic app. No ratings, no reviews etc.


August 18, 2009 - Posted by | iPhone Stuff


  1. What’s the actual name of the Microsoft Remote Lite application? Could not find it

    Comment by Luis | August 19, 2009 | Reply

  2. Mocha Remote Desktop Lite

    Comment by johngalea | August 19, 2009 | Reply

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