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Browsing on the iPhone

One of the first things I discovered about the first gen iPhone is how unbelievably good a mobile browser it is. It is hands down the best. No one even comes close. I have tried a lot of them and Apple are so far in the lead it’s not funny. RIM have started to catch up and Windows Mobile’s Pocket IE has been asleep for a while. I’ve tried Opera, Skyfire etc. All are pretty poor. They work, and are usable but to say it’s an enjoyable experience or to say you can do it quickly would be an embellishment. On the 3GS with the new faster processor it has gotten even faster and smoother. Zooming in and out with the pinch is incredible. If there is one thing that can sell this phone it’s Safari. 3 years later, it still leads the pack. I have not tried an Android yet so I can’t say about that.

Overall web site compatibility is quite good and some sites are even designing iPhone specific web sites.

Now with that said, if you want to see your battery life go down fast start browsing on either WIFI or the cell network. All that grace and elegance come at a price. And the price is battery life.

WIFI on the iPhone by the way just works. It is simple, conserves battery life, connects quickly and is fast. Once again Apple have this down pat and have since the first generation of iPhone. Well done Apple.

By the way, did you know that if you push on a picture on the web browser and hold it there you can save the image to your photo roll for use as wallpaper etc?


August 20, 2009 - Posted by | iPhone Stuff

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