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The iPhone as a … Phone?

When I got my first PDA I always use to look for that killer app that would encourage me to carry the PDA. First it was music hen I fell in love with tomtom and then a revolution happened. They added cell phones to the PDA. Now since I always carry a phone I always have my PDA. The phone on he iPhone was not terrific on the first gen. Now with the 3GS version and version 3 of the OS they are MUCH better. Finally it includes voice dialing although only on the latest hardware. Voice dialing uses speech recognition which is food and bad. On Windowa mobile you train only those contacts you want voice dialing on. The negative of this is it is a pain to setup especially for soemone like me that changes phones and upgrades the OS relatively frequently. The positive is since there are a limited number of patterns matching is relatively accurate. The voice recognition on the iPhone is resonably good but nowhere near as good as windows mobile.

Searching of contacts and adding favorite is well done. It is different than windows mobile so I am still a little clumsy with it but that is a getting use to it thing.

Incoming calls are easily seen and heard but don’t expect to easily and freely add your own ring tones. Apple expect you to buy them through iTunes. Rediculous. Is this the 90s?

Bluetooth works well and the corded headset has a button to take the call.

The only thing missing is that in windows mobile when you have he diaper up it start searches the contacts by each number representing 3 possible letters. Very efficient. The iPhone doesn’t do it and I miss it.

So all in all a huge improvement and is very useable.

The phone of course also doubles as a high speed data modem. This seems to be particularly well done. Windows Mobile seems to take a while for initial connection but the iPhone seems to be always zippy. Well done.


August 20, 2009 - Posted by | iPhone Stuff

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