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Overall iPhone review

I’ve had my shiny new iPhone for a couple of months now. I previously had the first generation iPhone but skipped the second generation (3G). In the third generation (3GS) updates can be broken into two parts, hardware improvements and software improvements. Most of the software improvements are available on the older iPhones but a few have been reserved for the latest hardware. From a hardware point of view improvements are incremental and not revolutionary. Especially if your already on the 3G.

There’s lots to love and hate in the iPhone. I go into lots of details in the iPhone sections of this blog .

As a summary here’s what I like the most:

  1. best in breed mobile browsing experience
  2. best in breed multimedia
  3. best in breed user interface (puts Windows Mobile touch screen to shame)
  4. best in breed ergonomics
  5. industry changing app store
  6. great WIFI

Here’s what I hate the most:

  1. absolutely the worst interoperability on the planet. Just try and figure out a way to get a picture from your camera to your iphone (without using a computer), or share a contact/file between two iphones (without an added app)
  2. still no expandability. Add a micro SD slot already
  3. battery life … Never enough make it user changeable so you can carry spares
  4. camera is basic at best
  5. no background tasks
  7. minimally implemented bluetooth stack

If I had to give it a rating I would say an 8.5/10. A wonderful design, massively improved in some areas and completely ignored user feedback in others.

Overall reliability is industry leading well above any of the Windows mobile phones I have owned. Crashes are infrequent and reboots rarely needed.


September 2, 2009 - Posted by | iPhone Stuff

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