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CRTC Change

Forwarded by my friend Patrick:

As of October 2009, the CRTC will allow Telemarketers to use Wireless phone numbers for duh ?!?!?! – Telemarketing broadcasting

We’ve been shielded from this for a two(2) year grace period … but it’s the real thing now.

You probably don’t remember/ BUT; in Feb-March 2007 the CRTC allowed 416/905/647-xxx-xxxx numbers to transferred between Mobile service vendors in Canada for the first time (i.e. Bell,Rogers,Telus,Fido)

[Unfortunately; this was not legislated by any govn’t body — as a result, Cellphone service providers are able to charge you a penalty for changing your service and ultimately by doing so … pocket that cash] — totally legal !!

Well, I’ve read the CRTC agreement back in April ’07 and the relinquishing of CELL/Mobile numbers for Telemarketing (‘Lists/Marketing’) was part of the deal commencing the 4th Quarter of 2009.

Dr. Patrick is here to help you …

– Read up on this yourself !!
– Call the CRTC to verify
– or just listen to me for F### sakes.

NOTE: this is not meant to be a chain letter, but bookmark this page and tell your family, especially if you have multiple phones on your account like me !!
NOTE: I know not everyone will listen or even read this…. but come Xmas & 2010; don’t say I didn’t warn you when you get your bill(s)

Please go to this Government of Canada and register your MOBILE/CELL number(s) for your own protection.


Federal Do not Call list

Hope this helps one or many of you.


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