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Garmin Foretrex 101 mini-review

Back in 2003 I needed a GPS that would mount better on my bike. There were two units the Foretrex and Forerunner. The units are similar but the Forerunner included features specific to running which I didn’t need. The Foretrex takes AAA batteries (I use rechargeable) Vs the Forerunner that has an internal rechargeable.

Since buying this unit I have used it a lot. The positives are many. Easy to use, simple, functional, lots of memory (500 waypoints), durable, waterproof and very flexible. I’ve used it hiking, canoeing (on my wrist), and biking (with the bike mount that I bought). I totally love this unit. The negatives are all to do with age. Chipset is not very sensitive (looses lock in heavy cloud cover) takes a while to lock up. Uses a serial interface that is slow and problematic in that serial is harder to find on laptops (although a simple USB to serial converter has fixed that issue). No barometric altimeter means the elevation is erratic. No electronic compass means you need to be moving to know direction. No interface for heart rate or cadence sensors. Age means it is not supported on the new Garmin portal.

The unit right now is practically being given away on GPS . All in all this is a fabulous unit but be sure and buy the proprietary cable if you intend to upload/offload data.

The unit does not support maps of any kind so if you need that, this is not the unit for you.


There is a newer unit that solves all the above mentioned limitations Foretrex 401

September 21, 2009 - Posted by | Electronic gadget reviews, GPS Stuff

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