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Microsoft Mobile Marketplace

Microsoft have finally released Windows Mobile 6.5. This release is suppose to hold us over while Microsoft finish version 7 which is suppose to be a much more comprehensive rewrite. The question is when they finish will anyone actually care. Android has surpassed Microsoft Mobile in 1 release and Windows Mobile continues to languish. I guess we will have to wait and see.

One of the new features in 6.5 is the marketplace. You can also install the marketplace on Windows Mobile 6 and 6.1 as a simple download. One would hope being the last to the game with a marketplace would ensure MS get it right.

The idea of a marketplace is to make it easy for coders and customers to find each other and enable new features to be added to their smartphones. In the past eventually you heard about a piece of code, found it, manually downloaded it, installed it, and watched it get stale. You would need to keep an eye on the vendor site for new releases. Marketplaces are there to streamline all this.

Marketplaces exist on iPhone, Blackberry, Android and now Windows Mobile.

The MS marketplace is very basic. The interface is not pretty at all.

There is much todo made about the iPhone app store has over 100,000 aps, Android around 12,000. On the Windows Mobile marketplace? At time of writing under 200.

browse the marketplace on the web and look for yourself.

When you first start up the marketplace the first thing it does is check to see if the marketplace ap itself is up to date which causes a slight delay.

Once installed the marketplace pays no attention to any aps already on the phone. Even ones in the marketplace. I had facebook for example and it ignored it. When I installed it from the marketplace it did an upgrade which is good and then it is tracked by the marketplace for new releases. At least MS made no attempt (for now) to deal with any form of piracy.

The marketplace on Windows Mobile works fine. Nothing special. No screen captures of the aps, a short description and an ability to download and upgrade the code. You need to sign in with an MSN account.

All in all the Marketplace is a good way to put a new shine on an old dieing turkey. I hate to have to admit it, I really enjoyed Windows Mobile in the past, but it’s time in the sun is past and any hopes of reviving it seem to be a dream.


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