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In flight entertainment unit

On our flight over to the UK on an Airbus A330 they had personal entertainment units on every chair even in economy. These units were quite impressive. Almost like netbooks. They seemed to be running some variant of windows based on the busy cursor. The processor in the unit was adequate but got busy quickly with the hourglass visible frequently.

There was only one name on the unit and it was Empower. The units varied a little unit to unit. Some had a usb port for charging, some had a 110 volt North American power outlet, some had both, some had neither. These power options are welcome giving long range flights enough power for your devices for the whole trip.

The units offered music playback with lots of choices of albumns. Xm radio was also available.

They also offered tv shows, news, movies and the like with lots of choices.

Lastly the unit linked in with the navigation from the plane and showed lots of data like current position, altitude, temperature, speed etc. Current position was displayed on a map along with distance travelled as well as to go.

The unit used a standard 3.5mm audio jack!

All in all quite well done!


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