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Buying music

I have been using iTunes with my iPhone as well as for my daughters iPod for a while. They make it easy with instant gratification. They insure the titles, tags and album artwork are all there making it a simple and easy process.

I moved to an Android a while back. So I thought I would checkout music purchase on Android. I must say I was totally amused. So first I know (or I think I know) that Amazon sells mp3s so I go over to the Amazon site, find the album I am interested in. Then I think, huh, I wonder if Amazon has an app for Amazon. Nothing in market place but I do find references to an Android Amazon app. So I find it, download it and attribute it to Rogers removing it from the market place.

The app works well. You can see top albums, songs etc and you can even preview the song live on the device. Nice. Search also works well. So I am thinking wow Android got it right. Then I am a little nervous about having my credit card in Amazon and having my G1 have open access to it so I decide I will purchase a gift card and add it to my account and then delete my credit card. So I do that. All went pretty smooth get it added just fine. I am moving along to having a slick process (or so I think).

So I go ahead find the album I want to buy over the air and click buy. After a number of failed attempts, a customer service call etc I find out that Amazon can not sell MP3s to Canadian customers. Unbelievable. The music industry can not get out of their own way. It’s no wonder people just say f..k it and download.

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