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HTC Sense UI on Android

HTC is a company rich in innovation. They do a fabulous job of creating unique hardware, but they don’t stop there. They know that hardware without rich software is useless. They have been doing a great job of adding improvements to Windows mobile with TouchFlo and TouchFlo 3D and more recently Sense UI. If Microsoft had a grain of their innovation Windows Mobile would have saved itself from becoming irrelevant! HTC have applied Sense UI to Android and the results are impressive. I have been using a G1 or Dream as it is called. No one can call this phone elegant. HTC did little to improve Google’s android. The Hero came along and added Sense UI. The clever ROM cookers at HTC found a way to shoehorn Sense UI onto a G1. No small feat when you think about the fact it has half the memory.

Sense UI is a collection of improvements to Android that are FAR reaching. It’s actually quite impressive how far they actually do reach.

Home screen

First off they improved the home screen. Gone are the 3 customized panels, replaced with 6. They also animate the transitions between the screens nicely.


HTC have improved a number of the Aps that are part of Android. This includes the contacts, calendar, music, dialer and many other areas. The improvements to each of these is significant and add a really nice visual flair to the programs. Very nicely done!


HTC have spent a fair amount of time adding a lot of Widgets to the OS. This includes an improved calendar widget, clock widget, weather widget, music widget, contact widget etc. Impressive how much time they spent on it.

All in all the Sense UI improvements make a HUGE difference to the look and feel of the phone. Well done HTC!


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