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iGo8 for Android

I have been using iGo 8 for Windows Mobile for over a year now. It works well but was very different from an interface point of view to TomTom which I was use to. I have come to like it. So I got a chance to play with iGo8 on my HTC G1 running Android 1.6. The version of Copilot I was playing with broke when I upgraded from Android 1.5 to 1.6.

Strangely enough the program’s interface is TOTALLY different to the one on Window Mobile. I’m perplexed by that. Seems a strange thing to do. With that aside I started playing with the code. It starts up reasonably fast, locks on the GPS quickly and is up and running. The GPS chip on the G1 is really quite good. The program is VERY basic from my point of view. There is no traffic data, no local weather data etc.

From within the application there is no way to navigate to a contact, however when you click view address from the contact it will allow you to choose iGo. This is slow and takes a while to recognize the address but at least it is there. This is an improvement from CoPilot that still has not implemented this feature.

Routing wise the program works fine and redirects well. It does not seem to have text to speech in it which again is odd because the Windows version does.

I see no way to update the maps over the air, a shame, Copilot does that.

In all in the program works well but nothing earth shattering. I miss my TomTom …


April 26, 2010 - Posted by | Android, GPS Stuff

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