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Micromax M900

A colleague at work came back from India with this phone and asked me to play. A chance to play with a new device for free? Um, Ok … Thanks Vik!

Level set, I should probably level set by saying the list price for this device is like $170 off contract new. So heap cheap.

Hardware wise this device is quite full featured, a GPS, FM receiver, bluetooth (not sure if it’s stereo or not), WIFI, andit came with a whopping 2G data card. Holy crap what will I do with all that space 🙂 The screen on the device is quite reasonable but not easy to read in the sun. Battery life seems reasonable but I didn’t put it too much to the test. The camera is 2mp so quite limited but cell phone cameras have no optics anyway so who cares. The device feels quite reasonable in the hard and seems well built. This would seem to defy the cheap price. It has a 3.5 mm standard audio jack! Well done. I love HTC but really do wish they would throw away the whole extUSB thing. The mini USB on the device is covered by this rubber cap that is impossible to remove without something sharp. I’m tempted to break it off. The microSD slot is under the battery. Huh, I haven’t seen that for a while. Dumb … The cell seems to lack any form of 3G.

And now comes the rub … Windows Mobile 6.1 is a terrible operating system from an input point of view. It is by no means finger friendly. To top it off they ship this device with a fat ended stylus that makes using this device problematic. Just try and type in even a short Ok text message and you will be ready to throw this device. Matters are made worse by the fact that they did not include any kind of D Pad on the device which means you have no choice but to use the stylus constantly. And for a good giggle, the device has nowhere to put the stylus on the device so it won’t be long before you loose it (which won’t be a bad thing). Micromax include SPB tools which puts a skin on the front of the OS and does a reasonable job of allowing you to launch aps just fine, but like I said, just don’t expect to enter any form of text into this device. It’s a shame really, the device is quite reasonable, especially given the price, but has been rendered unusable by Microsoft Mobile. I have said it before and I will say it again … Android has done more in one year than MS in 7. I’m on an Android device now and loving it. In my opinion Windows Mobile at this point is irrelevant, and whatever they do with V7 will be too little too late. The handset manufactures are flocking to Android (away from Windows Mobile) and that will not be a trend that will be easily reversed. I was a lover of Windows Mobile and feel totally let down by MS’s complete inability to innovate at any kind of reasonable pace. Nice work MS. Thanks for that.

April 26, 2010 - Posted by | Uncategorized

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  1. Hi John,

    I am from India and stumbled upon this blog while searching for Micromax mobile reviews.

    I really loved the impartial way you mentioned pros and cons of this cell phone.

    Two thumbs up!!.

    Plan to visit this space more often.


    Comment by Pankaj | June 4, 2010 | Reply

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