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Kindle now available for the iPhone and Android

When the Apple iPad came out there was a definite shift in the market. Apple are trying to do in eBooks what they have done in music which is to provide a simple and easy way for people to buy and read ebooks. The iPad puzzles me as a device, I don’t really see the point, for me it’s just a big iPhone. It does however make a fabulous ebook reader. Dedicated readers like Kindle have been around for a little while but they are, just another device to carry. I’ve always been in favor of having one device do everything even if it does everything not the best possible. Amazon saw the writing on the wall and began porting the Kindle software to the iPhone and Android. They have done an Ok job at it too. Over the air you can search for, buy and download books. Once downloaded they are sync’d with the Amazon portal. So no matter what device you buy it on, no matter what device you read it on, it’s always in sync. I recently tested this out and originally downloaded a free ebook and began reading it on my Android G1. Then I went over to my iPhone started up Kindle and it sync’d the books I’d downloaded and where I left off. Very impressive. The interface is reasonably well done, allows you to change font sizes and smoothly turns the pages. It lacks some fluff that Apple would be masters of but all in all it is quite functional. Well done Amazon! For now (July 2010) it seems no Windows Mobile version. In my opinion Windows Mobile is a dead duck …

Here is a list of Free Kindle Books
More free out of copyright books


July 2, 2010 - Posted by | Android, iPhone Stuff

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