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Using free electronic invites

I decided to hold a party! So I decided to use Evite to create the invitation and track the responses. Overall the web interface is pretty simple. Choose a picture/theme for your event, write your description, add your list of attendees and then send. You can have an address book on evite, you can pull emails from Facebook, post your invite to Facebook and many other features.

Once the responses start coming in you can see the list of people you have invited. You can see if they will, will not, or may respond as well as how many kids they will be bringing. The interface even allows you to see when the people looked at the invite!

For large groups I am surprised there is no easy way to search for an individual and whether they are attending or not. You need to scroll through and find the person.

Here’s what your guests will see:

When your guests click on the invite they will be able to see a summary of who has responded and who is attending, and not. The individual’s email address is not shown keeping their privacy.

A totally bizarre thing is it allows guests to invite others without your approval.

Evite have intelligently hidden themselves from Google so that’s a good thing.

You can send emails to people based on their status (attending or not) etc.

You can even use the site to print out invitations to give to people you don’t have their email addresses or maybe might not even have email …

All in all the web site works well and I would use it again! No SNAFUs …


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