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Famous Players VIP seating

I had the chance to checkout Famous Players new VIP theaters. I’ve been curious about this for a bit. We went to the one in Oakville which was only recently built. I figure this ought to be a good indication of what a VIP theater is like. The idea is to give you more comfy seats, provide food and alcohol at the seats while you watch the movie.

Pricing is a $5 premium over the regular seating. Right now that is 17.95 Vs 12.95 or about a 40% premium.

When you first go in there is a lounge for the VIP theaters. This lounge is for only over 19’s and has it’s own ticket booth. The ticket booth had only one register so the line was slow. It was a much smaller line than the regular line so all in all likely a wash.

In the lounge you can buy food and drinks that you can consume while you wait for your movie and can take into the theater. The prices are actually reasonable. A beer was $8 comparable to any bar. The food was also not out of line. They offered three or four beers on tap, a number by bottle, a number of wines, and your choice of hard liquor. I doubt they could make complicated drinks. I did not see a machine for making things like margaritas but they may have been there. No idea if they could do martinis or not, I did not notice martini glasses but they also may have been there.

The seats are definitely bigger with more leg room. This theater has 15 seats across. An odd number since most people I would think go in 2’s. The seats are leather and partially recline. They are very comfortable. Ever second seat has a center console. Depending on where you sit the distance between you and your mate is quite significant. If your a teenager and planning on going to a movie with your date for some back row necking this will be a problematic issue 🙂 I’m not sure if the arms on every second one might go up, I didn’t check.

The server comes into the theater 10 min before the start of the show and takes orders. Anything ordered in the lounge can also be carried or delivered to your seats when it’s ready. The server does not come back to take orders during the film, only to deliver food. If you need more food or drinks during the movie a quick trip out to the lounge is needed.

The food is VERY basic. They offered a couple of sandwiches (both of which they were out of) chicken fingers, finger foods, fries and the like. Prices are reasonable. For a teenager the food would be adequate. I would probably recommend you skip having a meal there.

The picture and sound quality were fine. Pre movie advertisements seemed a little less than in a normal theater.

So from a pricing point of view using rough figures, for two, we paid $36 to get in, $20 for two beers (with tip), $20 for dinner (two chicken finger dinners and sweet potato fries). So the evening cost $75 for a movie.

All in all it was an interesting experience, and definitely better than the usual movie going experience (I hate going to theaters, always some idiot kicking the back of your chair, chatting, munching etc, and to top it off you can’t have a beer while your watching). Next time I will skip dinner but I would pay the $5 premium for the bigger seats and the privilege of having a beer while I watch. Of course you can only get into the area if you are above 19 so you still can’t take your kid to a movie and enjoy a beer. Our liquor laws are stupid 🙂


August 26, 2010 - Posted by | Other reviews

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