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Video Encoding (update)

A while back I did an article on video encoding comparing a number of processors and encode time. What I am doing is measuring the time it takes to take an AVI in DIVX 4 format and re-code it for an iPod into MP4 format using Media coder. This program is very well written and takes advantage of multi processors and multi threading. At the time I did the comparison with all the systems I had in the house. Well a new computer has found it’s way into the house and I have moved to Windows 7. So let’s see what this brings.

The video file is a 349MB XVID 40:50 long.

The reining champion is a dual, quad core (8 processor) Xenon processor running Windows 2008 R2 (so 64bit) in a VM on ESX 4.1. This puppy just chews through video files. On this machine the re-encode took 577 seconds.

The second fastest was a dual core P4 processor. which took 1265 seconds

The new contender in the house is a brand spanking new Core I5 dual core processor running 32 bit Windows 7. It took 384 seconds! Holy crap. The improvement is unbelievable. A whole 33% improvement! Impressive given dual core Vs 8 cores!

As a point of reference my laptop took 1190 seconds to encode the same video and got up to a whopping 101C.


December 27, 2010 - Posted by | Other reviews, Video Encoding

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