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Dynex 37” 1080p LCD HDTV (DX-37L150A11) review

I last reviewed a 42″ plasma. Plasma’s are great and seem to me to be a great choice when movies or sports are the primary use. Even on low res sources they look great. The biggest problem with Plasma’s is they all for some reason have a gloss finish on them leaving them very susceptible to glare from ambient light. I have no idea why they use gloss. So if you can’t control ambient light such as upstairs where you have windows an LCD or LED are a better choice with their matte finish.

LCD and LED screens at the core are identical. The difference lay in the back lighting. LCDs used fluorescent while LEDs use LEDs. The LED screens I have seen are definitely brighter and more vivid. LED screens do consume less power. This LCD up close gives of a noticeable heat. LEDs are the newer technology and still command a premium.

Upon comparing features and size I chose this one. The inputs and outputs the TV have are key to keeping your options for how and what you are going to connect open. For me I wanted HDMI, and VGA, inputs as a minimum. A computer is primary source. From an audio point of view an optical out is a must to ensure maximum flexibility. HDMI includes audio and if you don’t have an optical out then you are not able to connect you TV to a receiver. The TV also includes component and S-Video inputs so this is a VERY flexible well designed TV.

My article on multi media covered a lot of the 1080p and connections. This TV is 1080p which is the highest that a blue ray can currently play.

When I first connected my computer to the screen I used a VGA cable but could not get 1080p working. A quick change to HMDI and le voila. It was there in all it’s glory! HDMI cables vary wildly in price. Be careful to not waste money on expensive cables.

I’ve not played at all with digital TV before so this was a chance to do that too. I picked up an indoor antenna, let me save you the time, don’t bother. They are virtually useless from what I have heard from others as well. Now there seem to be lots of variations on digital TV. Some are HD, some seem to be 1080p, some have surround sound and some are just digital. Digital TV includes a broadcast of the TV name and schedule of what is coming on. Don’t be fooled when you see digital channel noted as 9.1 for example, this is a “virtual channel” number and has nothing to do with where it really is broadcast. Digital channels are broadcast on the same frequencies as analog channels with the bands being controlled by region by the CRTC. More commonly the DTV are broadcast on the upper channels. Technically speaking there is no reason they could not be broadcast on the lower ones. Don’t fall for the hoax, there is nothing different between an HDTV antenna and a good old TV antenna. You just need one that does UHF where most digital channels are, or one that does UHF/VHF.

Wikipedia article on digital TV
Wikipedia article on Canadian TV channels/frequencies
Wikipedia article on what ATSC tuners are
An excellent article on over the air broadcasting

One point to mention, the stand that it comes with does not swivel.

Picture quality on the unit is very good. It is bright vivid and responsive. Overall I am very happy with this TV.

Sounds quality is about as expected, not great. One of the things I was surprised about is I can not see how to turn off the internal speakers. I could be missing it, but if not this is an oversight especially when you pass HMDI audio to the TV and then optical out of the TV to a receiver.

Warranty on the TV is on par with comparable “name brands”.

The remote is a non universal one so it’s yet another remote on your couch. So lets see here’s the stack of remotes: 1) TV 2) receiver 3) Windows Media center. Ok I need a universal remote. The remote does include a button for each possible input type making it fast and efficient to change sources.

So far I have only one problem remaining with the setup, there is a line on the very right side of the screen. It appears to be an alignment problem between the computer and the TV. I have not yet found a fix. It’s not there on TV so I know it”s not the screen.

Given the price of the TV, this is a bargain.

Dynex Link
Futureshop link


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  1. wrt to comment about Audio out on the TV..

    I have a very complicated A/V setup, with distributed audio, a Home theatre and home automation controller, centralized control of lighting, dimming, thermostat, motorized screen for my HT, etc..

    One of the things that was out of the budget was upgrading my Arcam AVR-350 Home Theatre Receiver… The only problem with it was that the HDMi spec it supported was so old, it didn’t accept audio over hdmi, so I had to run a SPDIF (optical audio) cable from every source to the HT Receiver to get audio to it.
    Routing hdmi to my video source, then routing optical back to the receiver was not an option (I use a projector, so #1 – no optical cables that long, and #2 – no projectors support optical audio out for reason #1)

    The solution was to get myself an audio de-embedder that extracts the audio stream out of an HDMI source and then puts it into a SPDIF output.

    Here’s the one I bought:

    Along with this HDMI Matrix switch:×4-Atlona-HDMI-Matrix-Switch-HDMI-1.3-with-3D-Support.html

    I use the matrix switcher in combination with a HT automation controller to send video and audio all over the house to various HDTVs using CAT6 Baluns.

    Comment by Don | January 17, 2011 | Reply

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