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Apple Rant

Ok I admit it, this is a rant … so

A while back I bought my daughter an iPod Nano 3rd Generation.

My kid loves it and goes no where without it. Other than the fact it occasionally crashed (she learned the hard way how to reboot it when it crashed on a trip she was on and had no idea how to reboot it) the device is rock solid and gets great battery life. She goes through head phones at a rapid pace, but that was solved by buying her a stack of them on ebay. I originally went to future shop and bought a genuine Apple set with a warranty thinking we were set, only to discover the catch. Future shop do not replace them when they break with genuine Apple ones you get crap ones that sound like shit and last even less time. Another scam .. I totally HATE iTunes. Love the functionality, hate the code. Poorly written, processor hog, runs poorly on a Netbook, clearly written for a Mac and ported to a PC.

So when apple came out with the 4th generation Nano I was sadly disappointed. It was bigger, clumsier, offered little new features and broke a number of the docks and chargers. WTF.

Believe it or not, I’m not on my rant yet 🙂

So out came the 6th generation Nano. I was excited. It looked cool, was smaller, nice screen, funky interface, double the capacity, added an FM radio. Awesome. So I bought one for my daughter for Christmas.

And then the catch hit me. They dropped video support. Your kidding right? You removed a major feature like video support and didn’t mention it? I only wish it was closer to when I bought it that I figured it out because I would return it. That is outrageous. Apple in this case has seriously breached my trust.

Ok, that’s my rant. I feel better now.


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