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Internet resellers

DSL, Bell, has been forced to allow other companies such as Acanac and TekSavvy to resell their internet services. Cable has not had to do it until recently. So now the same two (and maybe others) resell Rogers/Cogeco’s internet over cable. I’m on Rogers and I have been enraged by the fact they have increased the maximum penalty for over bandwidth use from 25 to 50 a month. What’s next? So they stiffed me with a $40 bill for over bandwidth and that was it. In this case they had been late informing me of the fact I was approaching my cap (even by their own records) and then charged me! So I looked into these two and decided first on Acanac simply because they were less expensive. The number one thing I wanted was UNLIMITED bandwidth. I’ve recently bought HD setups and I am enjoying HD movies which means much larger downloaded. When I called Acanac they confirmed they had coverage so I canceled Rogers called back Acanac and discovered they did not offer it in my area. WTF. First person did not ask for the postal code and made a blanket statement for my city. Idiot. So I called Teksavvy and they did offer it in my area so I went ahead. Some initial charges and I bought my modem instead of rented. Right off the bat, on the day it was suppose to switch over, it did and it was smooth as silk. It moved over to TekSavvy. I ran a speed test on DSL Reports and that’s where I could see my ISP was TekSavvy. My speed however was not where it should be. I called TekSavvy they informed me to wait 48 hours to insure everything that been updated from my slower Rogers speeds. Their tech support was quite good. So I checked again after 48 hours no joy. Tech support had me connect my computer directly to the modem and I did and sure enough the speed was perfect. So I needed to upgrade my router, which when done gave me my proper speed and unlimited bandwidth. So all in all I am quite pleased with TekSavvy and the price/speed equation they offer. So far 1 month later, I’m thrilled! There was talk about bringing in Usage Based Billing which would eliminate one of the major benefits of TekSavvy (for me) but that has been called seriously in question by Ottawa. For now I’m a happy camper and Rogers better look out!


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