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Winamp for Android

I’ve tried a couple of audio player replacements for Android and been underwhelmed. But I loved winamp on my computer back in the 80s so decided to give it a whirl. The program is fairly well done. I am using it on a Bell HTC Desire Z running Android 2.2. The playback has worked well. It has been smooth. The interface is simple and easy to use. It is in my opinion incremental to the built in HTC Sense enhanced player. I am shocked that what seems to me to be obvious enhancements have been left out of music players. This one attempts to add these enhanced services, BUT they have not done it well. When a song is playing there is are links to: Info on the artist, news about the artist, discography, photos and album tracks.

On the surface this sounds great and is exactly the kind of thing I’ve been looking for. But it has been poorly done. They use AOL as their source. The discography is so cluttered as to be useless. News was done in a mobile format that is so boring as to be unreadable. And where is a concert list? Or where is a link to the band’s official web site? How hard can this be? Link to a Google search for Artist name official? Won’t always work but it’s a start … Look to applications like Alice Gig guide which do a fabulous job of finding concerts for a band in your area.

Interface is smooth, fast and well done. No cover flow like interface exists. A shame I love that on the iPod/iPhones.

Shoutcast interface is a nice add.

The player is the FIRST to work properly with headset controls as well as Bluetooth controls. It was a drop in replacement for the built in and it just worked.

The lock screen is nice as well …

The player includes complete Android only functionality such as creating playlists on the fly, deleting playlists, deleting content etc. Nicely done.

The list of songs, albums and article all are well done and include the ability to quickly go to first letters like the built in player. Again, well done.

There’s even a search to find that one song you’ve got stuck in your heard 🙂

All in all this program is a great start but in need of some clear enhancements.

March 29, 2011 - Posted by | Android

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