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I’ve owned a number of blackberries and played with a number as well. Blackberries do email VERY well. They are well known for their keyboards. The consumers (like kids) have bought them just to have a decent keyboard. Kids today text more than they talk. And with BlackBerry messenger they also have an instant chat mechanism without paying for the internet.

Blackberries pioneered the smart phone industry. I won’t go so far as invented but definitely pioneers. They have been playing catchup for years and still are IMHO. Where blackberries have sucked includes a poor low res screen, anemic processor, pathetic web browser, no touch screen and their multimedia is one of the worst in the business. RIM know all this and are working hard at fixing it but too damn slow. The Torch which has a touch screen and a slider keyboard is a good product and a step in the right direction. they included a web kits based browser (alas!) and not a bad screen. The number one complaint with the torch in reviews is the processor at 624MHZ when everyone else is 1G or more. The Torch 2 expected out in the July fixes this imitation.

I am truly amazed how slow some companies learn. Microsoft were absolute laggards in the phone space and are now trying to win back the market place. RIM have lost a lot of ground. Ground that quite frankly they owned and was theirs to loose.

Blackerry finally has a marketplace to bring their devices into modern times. They have a good install base of aps. All in all a good start.

One the places Blackberry has been abysmal is in the space of multimedia, music, movies, pictures etc. So I thought I would check out a newer blackberry to see what has changed. So I popped my 32G uSD card into a Rogers Blackberry Curve 8520. The card had 16G of content. I was impressed that the device saw the 32G device and started to look at the card scanning for content. The phone is no rocket at 512MHZ. So up comes the scanning message … waiting … waiting. Almost 5 minutes later it was done. Wow. You’ve got to be kidding? The music player is basic and includes all the basic functions. Movies DIVX played quite well, smooth no jitter on the small screen. It ignored MKVs. Picture playback was atrocious. It brought up list of the pictures and when you scrolled down it loaded the thumbnails as it went. A painful process to say the least.

Battery life is something Blackberries have always been known for. But to be honest the reason why blackberries get good battery life is because people aren’t using them to do things like multimedia. I did a little unscientific experiment a while back with my 8830. Used it to do all the things I would normally use my smart phone for. Low and behold just like every other smart phone it got a day of battery life.

I’ve seen a Playbook. I like the form factor (7″) nice screen, reasonable experience but RIM have totally botched the launch of this product. The lack of Address, email and contacts on the device is a travesty. The addition of tethering to SOME blackberries is nice. But this is catchup to what Android already has.

So … I did warn you it was a rambling … RIM have a lot of ground to make up. They are moving in the right direction in so many ways. If they can just pickup the pace of catchup maybe just maybe they will have a chance of not eating EVERYONE elses dust …


June 19, 2011 - Posted by | Electronic gadget reviews

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