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BotSync SSH Android review

Having a tablet means needing to keep a regular stream of content audio/video/pictures on the device. You can manually copy the files onto the device with a cable every time your back at the computer or find a sync utility. I looked at a number of tools. I like drop box but don’t like the privacy issues associated with putting my content in the cloud. I run a number of servers in the house so there are lots of options. FTP is a good choice, but I would prefer it be something encrypted, especially when passwords are concerned. SFTP SSH sounds like a good back end choice. And that is exactly what this tool integrates with. With the help of a friend I found this tool BotSync. With this tool I can drop content into directories on my server that I can then set a replication schedule to check. This replication can occur over WIFI when the device is in the house, over Cell over the air, whatever you want. Also since you can specify the exact directories to replicate and where to replicate them to you can setup different content for different devices pretty easily. I have been impressed with this simple little tool. Very configurable and it even does retry. It will pickup wherever it leaves off. And to top it off the tool is 100% free. If there is anything I could complain about it’s that it is slow to transfer. Not exactly sure why. On my Galaxy tab connected over WIFI N I am only able to get about 150KB/s. Not great. Patience is in order. Other than that I love this option!


July 6, 2011 - Posted by | Android

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