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Using your Android tablet as a Photoframe

Photoframes have been around for a bit now. I’ve never bought one but the idea is interesting. Now I have an Galaxy tab which I love I decided to look into ways to make more uses of it. The tablet has a great screen and makes a good device as a photo frame for when the tablet isn’t being used. First off you have to find a way to support it. I bought a cradle for it. One of the benefits of buying a popular device like the Galaxy Tab is that there are lots of reasonably price accessories. However the cradle hold the device in the wrong layout to act as a photo frame. The leather case I have from Scorsche holds the unit at a nice angle and allows the power cable to easily be plugged in.

Next up you need a good program to do photo frame. I tried a few and was shocked at how many of them lacked basic functionality. I’m looking for it easy to select a directory, preferably more than one and do sub directories. Some transitions would be nice. And a clock would also be good. So I tried out Photo slides on the recommendation of a friend. The program is basic and has the features I wanted. And free!

As a lazy sod I would like the photo frame to start up as soon as I plug it in. I found
Plug in launcher which suits the bill well. There is a pro version if your not a cheap bugger that includes additional features.

Now add in BotSync which can be used to automatically sync content off a a server and you have a completely flexible solution to do exactly what you need!

Being the lazy sod that I am


July 21, 2011 - Posted by | Android

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