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Using your tablet as a movie player to drive your TV

Using your tablet as a movie player to drive your TV may sound like a good idea but like a lot of things it is fraught with a ton of challenges. My tablet is a Samsung Galaxy Tab 7″. The first of the challenges is file size. A lot of higher res movies today are greater than 4G. And thus lies the first challenge. Android 2.2 only supports FAT32. So this means you can not get any file greater than 4G. Android 3 offers other options like exFAT and NTFS (neither of which the Galaxy Tab 7″ supports). So you are relegated to either download a lower res or convert. Pooh. So if you want to do this, make sure you buy a tablet that supports Android 3 and check for exFAT or NTFS compatibility.

Next up comes the challenge of getting the video and audio off the device. On the Galaxy Tab I have two choices. I can buy an expensive docking station that allows HDMI output, not a bad choice. I can also buy a cheap video output cable that supports composite output, albeit lower res and also supports stereo audio.

You could also use the audio output jack. Either of the two choices means no surround sound out.

So … seems if your wanting to use the tablet as a movie player, there’s lots to look out for. And the Galaxy Tab 7″ … not the right choice. 🙂


August 9, 2011 - Posted by | Android

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