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Favorite Android Programs

I was chatting with a buddy and he highlighted that I need to update my favorite programs for my phone (HTC Desire Z) and Tablet (Samsung Galaxy Tab). Most of the programs I use on my phone are also on my tablet but not vice versa.

Phone favs:

  • 2X RDP/VNC client
  • Alice Gig guide find concerts in your area based on the music on your device
  • Adobe Reader
  • Aloqa location based event finder
  • Amazon Kindle great ebook reader. Very good when you have multiple devices to keep in sync where you left off
  • AndFTP ftp and SSH client. I use it to get content from my home to my devices
  • Babe of the Day
  • Bar code scanner with bar code and QR code support
  • Battery left my favorite widget for showing the amount of battery left in percentage and time. (Doesn’t work on some Motorola phones)
  • Botsync an RSYNC client I use to keep content on my device current. I use it to keep, music, photos, videos current on my device. Great option to having to plug in to add content to the device.
  • Cash2Qif a quicken Cash register entry tool
  • Cinema a video interface with nice features

  • Copilot Live car navigation software $$
  • Ebay
  • Ebuddy multi platform instant messaging
  • Endomondo exercise based GPS with portal, Facebook sharing and support for bluetooth heart rate monitor. So far one of the best.
    ES File Explorer

  • Facebook
  • Four Square location based check in program. Voluntary stalking πŸ™‚
  • Advanced Task Manager
  • Fring multi platform instant messaging
  • Grocery IQ a grocery list program with support for multiple devices, as well as a web portal
  • Handcent a iPhone SMS look alike program. I really like the way it does threaded SMS.
  • IMDB
  • Linkedin
  • Flixster location based movie listings including access to Dirty Rotten Tomatoes ratings and links to trailers. Also what’s new on DVD as well …
  • Google Reader App RSS feed program which interfaces with the Google Reader portal and allows you to read your feeds anywhere on any device and keep them all in Sync.
  • RunGPS exercise based GPS with a portal, Bluetooth heart rate monitor support. Includes the ability to save waypoints, import waypoints and navigate to waypoints. $$
  • Skype
  • Sound hog music recognition program
  • Shazam music recognition
  • Speedtest
  • Toronto Sunshine Girl
  • Torrent FU uTorrent interface program including the ability to search on the phone and queue torrents to download in your home!
  • Touchdown Outlook Web Access client. Works very well with corporate exchange servers
  • Volume toggle set individual volumes based on profiles
  • Volume timer set profiles to change at predetermined times
  • Weather Eye
  • Winamp
  • WordPress


Tablet favs:

  • Plug in Launcher launch a program when plugged in
  • Desk Clock
  • Photo Slides a simple photo frame app.
  • Swiftkey Tablet X hands down the best on screen keyboard for tablets $$

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