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Hp TouchPad Mini review

As you may have already read, HP entered the tablet market with it’s TouchPad … and quickly cancelled the WebOS it is based on. This left HP with a bunch of TouchPads to get rid of. A colleague picked up one for $99 from HP direct as they fire saled them. I got a quick chance to play with one.

The unit is slick looking from the outside. Looks a whole lot like an iPAD. Go figure. Original. It is heavy and slippery on the back making it easy to drop. There’s only one button on the front (kind of iPAD like). I personally prefer the Android approach of multiple buttons.

HP have come up with their own UI and it includes things like swipe to close and other unique features. While a little odd the UI works well and is slick. Once apps are up they work well and seem reasonably fast. Starting them on the other hand can be an act of patience. In a post iPhone world we have become so use to instantaneous response to our every touch the HP seems sluggish to start apps.

With WebOS killed it means the device is not going to be getting new apps, or support for apps. There is always a hope of an Android port for the device. The hardware seems good.

The Web browser is reasonably fast, and VERY smooth. it pans and zooms very well. Better than my Galaxy Tab.

They say 5 hour battery life which is not bad.

I went into the apps library and looked for things I commonly use. This is a point in time comment but I can only expect this will get worse as developers give up on the platform. There is a facebook ap, no SSH or FTP aps, couldn’t find movie players, there is a Kindle ap but it’s in beta, there is a skype ap etc. There is a bing maps ap, but as expected little to no

For $100 this is a pretty good device as long as you can live with limitations. Given I already have a Galaxy Tab, I won’t be in line to get one of these even at $100.

From a hardware point of view there is no uSD card slot, no video output of any kind, no USB OTG (for keyboards, mouse USB flash drive etc) and no camera. It does have bluetooth and GPS. The screen itself is bright vivid and responsive.

September 20, 2011 - Posted by | Electronic gadget reviews

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