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Targus Bluetooth Keyboard

I have a Samsung Galaxy Tab 7″ Android tablet. One of the limitations (I would say mistakes) they made is they did not include USB on the go which would allow you to hook up devices such as USB keys and USB keyboard and mice. I had no difficulty finding a USB mouse but a decent bluetooth keyboard has been elusive. I’ve bought two and this makes my third. The first one is designed explicitly for a 7″ tablet and includes a case as well as a keyboard. Electronically speaking it worked perfectly. But the keys were rubber, lacked any kind of tactile feel and either you didn’t press it hard enough or it was pressed too long making it auto repeat. I am amazed how many companies rebadge this same keyboard. And in the end … it’s rubbish. I bought it on ebay but Amazon sells one of them. Whatever you do … don’t buy one. It’s a waste of money.

The second one I bought was about the size of a phone. I didn’t have high hopes for it, and it met them. Better known as not all that useful. It lacked decent feel and was hard to hold.

So with reluctance I discovered this one. What I found encouraging was the reviews. So I bought one. It connected easily. The feel of the keyboard is good, similar to a laptop keyboard. The weight is also good.
Amazon link.

There is an Apple Ipad Specific version of the keyboard as well as a generic one. Unfortunately their is not an Android one.

The keyboard inlcudes left/right and up/down arrows which work well. The delete key doesn’t work but backspace does.

All in all the keyboard works well, is reasonably priced and is a good addition to any tablet or laptop! Finally a good one. Only took three strikes!


October 25, 2011 - Posted by | Android, Other reviews

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