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Sony Xperia Mini Pro mini review

I had a chance to briefly play with one of these devices. The screen is small but it is no smaller than the one on my Motorola Droid Pro. The biggest issue with the smaller screen is the limitation that Android has which is that it does not allow you to globally chance the font size. So your stuck. Individual apps may allow you to change the fonts so you need to spend some time customizing the device.

The processor on the device is 1G and overall the device feels slick and smooth. The screen is responsive. It is a TFT so good in direct sun but not the brightest or most vivid. Again similar to my Motorola Droid Pro. Be careful if you buy one of these some of them have a much slower 600MHZ processor. I had originally discounted this device because of this slow processor.

Android on the device is 2.3.3. This is great because Sony have in the past been a little slow to upgrade their devices.

Sony have wisely chosen a standard micro USB plug, but the 3.5″ audio jack wouldn’t recognize my iPhone or HTC headphones. It worked fine with a standard iPod headset but then you have no mic. They have oddly placed a cover over the micro USB plug. This will eventually get broken off, it’s just a matter of time. For something your going to need to use every day to charge this seems like a dumb choice.

The music player is basic with little fluff in it. Calendar is basic with little changed.

The dialer on the device is optimized well for the small screen and does a great job of looking up contacts based on a T9 like interface.

Standard Android tethering including WIFI hotspot has been left in tack!

I tried playing a couple XVID videos that plays perfectly on my Android tablet and it refused them both.

The physicals on the device are not bad but it is a little thick. The keyboard on the device is surprising good with good feel and spacing. They have put the numbers in a blue color that is almost unreadable in some lighting.

The back of the phone is easily removed which is where the uSD slot is hiding.

The battery an EP500 is readily available on ebay so you can carry a spare if you want to.

The software load on the device is fine with not a lot of bloatware. They did include McAfee Anti Virus which is a first for me …

I have to say sometimes having a low expectation is a good thing! I was surprisingly impressed with this little phone. It works well and has a nice feel in the hand. For those of us that positively have to have a physical keyboard it’s another nice choice!

Special thanks go to Lori for letting me play with her new toy!

Update: I had a chance to see the update process Sony Ericson use. On HTW and Motrola’s that I have played with the update has been seemless and easy. They send them over the air. You download the update. Then choose when to install it. And then it’s done. No muss no fuss. First of all over the air the phone checks for updates. When one is available it then tells you need to connect to a PC and download a program called the PC Companion. So first of all you need a PC. You can’t do this on the road. And second of all you better be running a supported operating system. Once loaded the program sees the download and gets the process started. It took a REALLY long time, (I would say 1-1.5 hours) to complete. In spite of it telling you it would only take 1/2 hour. Other than that the process is simple and easy.

complete specs of the SK17A model that Rogers sold …


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