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LG Gossip Pro review

I’ve been making the rounds on a number of Android device manufacturers lately. So this time it’s LG up to bat. This Gossip pro was talked about when it was announced. Specs look good so I decided to give it a try. It’s an 800MHZ processor running Android 2.34 with a keyboard and touch screen. This is similar in size to the Droid Pro I previously reviewed. This is what I would consider in the upper end of the lower priced Android devices out there. I paid $250 from Fido direct off contract, device only. The formal name for the device is an LG-C660R.

The phone comes complete with a nice mini charger, a headset and a USB data cable. So not a bad group of stuff. No case or screen protector is included.

The phone is very light and thin. A bit plasticy. I am not sure how well this will do on drops. The phone is for my daughter so she will put it to the drop test for sure! The back once removed is fairly plasticy but not as flimsy as either the Droid Pro or the Captivate I reviewed. Inside the back of the phone there is a micro SD slot as well as the SIM card and battery. The micro SD can once again be removed without powering the device off. This is only the second time I’ve seen that. The captivate being the other. A nice feature. The keyboard buttons are small and reasonably close together but have good feel. You definitely know you’ve pressed them! They unfortunately left off the voice button. A pretty major miss. There are dedicated buttons for email and calendar. And a button to allow you to change the language of the device. What a waste of a key.

The screen is reasonably bright and vivid. About middle of the market from what I have seen. It is a TFT screen so easier to read in the bright sunlight. It is competitive for the price range it is in. Default chosen fault is quite reasonable. The buttons on the front are a bit small and require a bit of pressure to depress but give a nice feel. I like real buttons Vs the soft buttons on so many phones.

The phone has a 3 Mp camera and no flash. It has all the usual tech, Bluetooth, GPS, WIFI etc. The GPS locked up VERY quickly. The battery is 1500 mAh so a nice size. The battery’s model number is a BL-44JN which seems to be a common battery for LGs so there were lots of them on ebay as well as external chargers.

Software load is VERY light and includes absolutely nothing from Fido. Very nice! I like that. No bloatware.

The phone feels zippy. It came with a 2G micro SD card so some space for aps data, and pictures. Obviously if you are going to use this for music or video you will be upgrading this. I tried my 32G class 10 card that won’t work with either of my Motorolas and it worked fine! And even did class 10 speeds! The phone supported AVI, MP4 video files just fine. I did get an error message about resolution not supported on a couple of them. Video playback was smooth.

The bluetooth stack did not include DUN but this is not uncommon. So no BT tethering. The phone includes WIFI hotspot and USB tethering though. They have it in the wireless settings Vs an icon.

Once the phone popped on the Fido network it downloaded a few Fido aps. Ringtones, set a few icons to the fido web site etc. All in all not bad. It has the fido APN by default something that I haven’t seen in so long because I’ve been using unlocked phones.

The music player is basic Android, but has no DLNA support unfortunately. The Calendar ap has some nicely added fluff. A nice built in clock and alarm is included but no count up or down timer support, so you will have to add an ap for that. The contact ap is clean and simple. Easy to use.

The phone is quite light on internal storage only 150MB, but any time the storage got below 100MB it complained. You can move apps to the SD card and save some space but this is the Achilles of this phone. To give you an idea of the magnitude of this stupidity, my 3 year old HTC Dream even had 192 MB. This is really low.


January 19, 2012 - Posted by | Android


  1. Hate this phone, the processor is horribly slow, applications crash ALL THE TIME, I get text messages sent in reverse order, and sometimes I don’t receive any text messages at all. Worst phone ever.

    Comment by Claudia | August 3, 2012 | Reply

  2. “And a button to allow you to change the language of the device. What a waste of a key. ”

    I totally disagree. I write texts in English and French all the time, often switching languages between the two even within a single text (most of my friends are bilingual). It is a total pain in the ass to have to go through menus to switch the predictive text featrues.

    Along with the QWERTY keyboard, this might make this the perfect phone for me.

    Comment by Jeff | September 19, 2012 | Reply

  3. Thank you so much, I’m planning on getting one soon!

    Comment by Regan | October 15, 2012 | Reply

    • Thanks for your comment on my blog. I recently had a chance to play with a Motorola Defy Pro. Same form factor roughly as the Gossip. The Motorola is much better phone. Faster process, better screen, more memory etc. If it were my money I’d go with the Defy Pro. Checkout

      Comment by johngalea | October 15, 2012 | Reply

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