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Android Profile scheduler ap review

I play with a lot of apps on Android and every now and then one comes along that is amazing. This is one of those. It amazes me that Android still has minimal functionality for changing profiles. But then other smart phones are similar. Take iPhones. Fortunately as they would say in the iPhone world, there is an ap for that. And this is just the ticket, and it’s free! Ad supported.

In the past I have used Volume Trigger and Volume timer. Now this controls only volume on the device. The reality is we are all creatures of habit. We tend to get into a pattern that can easily be predicted and used to control the various functions of the phone and thus battery life!

This ap can be divided into three sections. First of all are the profiles. This ap allows you to create many profiles. In each profile you can control many many features. Everything from volume, vibrate mode, wireless settings, screen settings and the list goes on and on. The list of what this can control is comprehensive. The most comprehensive I’ve seen. Each setting can be set on or off or leave untouched. You can even turn data sync on and off in profiles to allow saving battery when your near your desk for example. You can even launch an ap when a profile is activated. If anything was missing it’s the ability to change the radio mode from 2g/3g (but then I’ve yet to find an ap to that on a schedule) and the ability to press play on a music player. The author has the 2g/3g on his wish list.

Once you have your profiles created you can simply use them to manually change settings. Now if this was all this program did it would be impressive. But of course it’s not.

The second section of the ap is scheduling. You can schedule the profile change to happen at any time. The scheduler allows you to set a profile when entering a range of time and when leaving. You can set different schedules for different days (it’s in the repeat area). This is really very well done. The setting a mode at the end of a time range takes a bit of getting use to. Most aps allow you to have a single trigger per scheduled event but this insists on two. One coming into the range of time and one leaving. This can be a bit confusing and if I were to change anything I would change this. It’s just confusing. I’ve also had the program fight with me when I have manually changed a profile in the middle of a range. The author tells me he has worked on this so I guess we will see if this is fixed. I’ve resorted to disabling the timer when I want to manually control schedules such as on the weekend when my schedules are little less on specific times.

The third section is rules. You can set rules so that events such as headset, power change, car dock, calendar items, bluetooth connections, wifi connections locations etc can all trigger profile changes automatically. Totally impressive. If anything were missing here as said before it’s lacking the ability to press play on the music ap when I plug in headphones or connect to bluetooth. So I still use Plug in launcher to trigger on plugging in headphones. Again this ap insists on setting a profile coming in and coming out of the rule. My personal preference would be to set it back to what it was on before the rule. But this is a small price to pay for what it can do on the positive side!

All in all this is an impressive program with tons of options. Setting this up will take some time. And working around the quirky scheduling is something you need to get use to. But given what this program can do it is impressive. I use it to programmatically turn data on/off (or data sync on/off) during the day when I am at my desk to save battery life.

Check it out in marketplace!


February 26, 2012 - Posted by | Android


  1. great usage of vocabulary in the article, it in reality did help when i was surfing

    Comment by Elissa | December 9, 2015 | Reply

    • Thanks for your kind words. Share with your friends, come back often!

      Comment by johngalea | December 9, 2015 | Reply

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