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Toshiba Thrive 10″ mini review

A colleague Sean bought one of these and he let me play with it. Right off the bat the unit is big and bulky. The number one feature of the device is full size ports. A full size USB 2.0 host allowing you to plug in mice, keyboard flash drives etc. This works very well. And probably the smoothest I’ve ever seen. It just works. A USB flash drive within the built in file explorer is showed clearly as a USB drive. The mouse pointer is nice and small and just works. Unfortunately no right mouse button support as usual. In fact, right mouse button is the same is as the left. It has a full size SD card which means cheaper faster storage options. Full size HDMI as well. All these big ports are hid under a rubber flap that will not be lasting long. It will tear off.

The back of the unit is a removable ribbed thin plastic cover. Hidden behind it is a removable replaceable battery. The only one I’ve seen on a tablet. Removing it isn’t difficult but it feels flimsy. In keeping with the build quality of the whole unit. There are a number of complaints on the net about poor build quality of the unit.

At 785 grams Vs 565 for a Galaxy Tab 10, or) this thing is heavy. 15.75 mm thick (vs 8.6 for the Tab 10, or 8.8 for the iPad 2) this is a big unit.

Screen is reasonably bright and crisp 1280×800 TFT but only outputs HDMI in 720p. My Galaxy Tab 7 Plus outputs in full 1080p. The chosen font is a little on the small size for my eyes.

The processor is a dual 1G Tegra 2. The wireless has WIFI BGN and Bluetooth! It also has GPS.

Front and back camera are present, but no flash.

Spec wise the unit is fine.

Android is 3.2 with no ICS for now.

Movie playback is smooth and the big screen is very nice for movies!

Given the price of this unit, frankly I don’t get it and would not choose it. I would prefer a Samsung Galaxy Tab or many others.


April 4, 2012 - Posted by | Android

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