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Managing your multimedia content

One of the things I love about Android is the many choices you have for managing your content (audio, movies, pictures) on your devices. On an iOS device the primary method of content management is iTunes. Now I have to say I hate iTunes. It is clearly a piece of code ported from a Mac to a PC, runs slow, is horrible for adding tags to music and is primarily tied to a PC/Mac. On Android there are many many ways to manage your content. I use AndFTP to link to my server back in the house for content. It can connect as either SFTP or FTP. Now one of the limitations I discovered a while back is that the ARM processors totally suck at doing SSL encryption. So SFTP is slow because of that. Now if I am remote to the house the limitation is the upload speed of my net connection. Otherwise the slow encryption becomes the gate. By comparison, on WIFI in my house I get 1-2 MB/s on SFTP Vs 3-4 MB/s on FTP. So when in the house I use FTP. Adding cores has not helped this a whole lot. In addition to AndFTP I also use Botsync to sync directories.

Another great feature is to be able to use TorrentFU to link back to uTorrent back in my house. So many times I’ve been out and someone says have you seen the movie blah blah blah or did you hear yadda yadda has a new album out? Well with TorrentFU (or others) you can remotely queue up that content so it’s there waiting for you when you get home. Or connect with that SFTP client and download it right away.

When I have a lot of content to put on the device, several G of video for example, I take my class 10 uSD card out of the phone, pop it in a reader and do the copy. Fast and efficient. No iTunes required.

Once the content is on the device another challenge is multiple devices. I have both a phone and tablet, as well as a TV side multimedia Windows 7 PC. So the challenge is not having to have content in multiple places. DLNA can play it’s part in this challenge. Now DLNA is not without it’s challenge. Samsung’s Allshare has more bugs than features. It has drop outs, does not like when source media comes and goes (maybe you wander away from the WIFI and get disconnected), is stubborn and generally can be quite frustrating. When it works it allows you to have content in many places and play them where you want. I look forward to this becoming more trouble free. For now it beats the alternative, having content replicated everywhere or constantly removing uSD cards. Most Android vendors seem to be adding DLNA natively on there phones. There are lots of apps for DLNA in the market place as well.

Now try any of that with an iOS device 🙂


May 19, 2012 - Posted by | Android, Mutlimedia

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