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Foursquare a rant …

About 2 years ago a friend David introduced me to Foursquare. It is a way to check in on Facebook or Twitter based on the venue you are visiting. They have points for checking in and even dub the person who checks in the most frequently to a location the mayor. They have started to get venues to offer specials to people who check in at their location. Hopefully a way of monetizing it. Something Facebook seems to have forgotten. Of course Foursquare so got the attention of Facebook that facebook rapidly introduced their own checkin process. And of course Google not to e left out has what they call Places. Now all this is great, but I am shocked at the lack of innovation. Their idea as unique as it was at the time has stagnated. Foursquare allows you to see people at the same venue as you but they have left out any way to communicate with them. Say send them an email. Or chat with them. I’m sorry but isn’t this called SOCIAL networking? Where’s the social part of it. Are Foursquare content with being nothing more than front end checkin service to facebook? It has amazed me that this is something Foursquare have not pursued.

Other aps like Aloqa do a great job of helping you find places based on your current location. Fouraquare has it but seems to have so few places on it, it’s a waste of time.

I really hope Foursquare wake up and start back innovating on a great idea. Hopefully … soon.


May 27, 2012 - Posted by | Other reviews, Uncategorized

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