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Samsung HS3000 bluetooth headset

I’m on a roll with Samsung products lately. My friend Sean picked up one of these and he let me play. I was so impressed I bought one. They are uber cheap at <$40 at NewEgg.. The device acts as a Bluetooth stereo headset allowing you to listen to music and switch over to a call anytime. You can plug in any standard 3.5mm headphones which is great. The device has one very unique feature over others, it supports multi pairing. It allows multiple devices to be paired at the same time. When you have a tablet and a phone it comes in handy.

This multi pairing is not without it’s challenges. You need to put the device in multi pairing mode (by pressing and holding the Volume up key until it beeps while in pairing mode) then add the second device. If one of the devices drops out it will only reconnect by powering it off and back on. Not perfect but manageable.

The device has buttons for volume up/down, pause/play, fast forward and reverse as well as a mode button. It also has a power switch and a big phone button on the front for making calls. And thus comes the first complaint about this device. The buttons are so small, and labels impossible to see you are resigned to memorizing them. And hitting the wrong one is common. The mode button is particularly annoying. It changes how the music sounds and you find yourself pushing it again and again to get it back to sounding the way it did.

The unit has some really nice voice prompts to tell you what the device is doing.

Pairing works well and is trouble free. Subsequent pairings are equally flawless. Music playback is very good with excellent sound quality and volume. The unit lowers the volume at power on to try and protect from being too loud. It is irritating but handy too …

The power switch is well done and is designed in a way that it’s almost impossible to power it on or off accidentally.

Recharging is done by a standard micro USB plug which I applaud. There is a nice cover over the jack when not in use. They have also designed the unit so it can be used while being charged. A nice add should you wish to use this in a home environment for it to act as a bluetooth receiver. There is one LED on the unit which will turn colors (the unit also make sounds) as the battery is dieing. But I did not find it gave much notice. Battery life is ok with up to Talk/Play/Standby time: 7 / 6 / 170 hours. It cleverly slips into very low power mode when it has nothing to do.

The unit comes with in ear plugs. I find these sound good once in position and is slightly noise reduction in nature. I never find these ever stay in place for me, and these are the same as others.

The unit has a terrific clip to hold onto almost anything and stays in place.

Weight is good and the finish of the unit is quite pleasing. No idea how it will look in the future.

It is nice to have the phone free of cables while listening to music or movies. It makes it easy to type on etc.


June 19, 2012 - Posted by | Electronic gadget reviews, Uncategorized


  1. This is cool! If I use headphones with a mic on them, will it use that mic for the call, or is there a mic on this device?

    Great find!

    Comment by David C | June 19, 2012 | Reply

    • Yes there is a mic on the device for the calls!

      Comment by johngalea | June 19, 2012 | Reply

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