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HTC One V mini review

A friend Aaron dropped off an HTC One V for me to play. Thanks Aaron! One of the trends I hate is putting multiple devices under the same name that have little to nothing to do with each other. HTC are doing it with the One and Samsung are doing it with the Captivate name. The One V is entry level of the three phones, a One X, One S and One V. So I will review it with the entry level in mind …

The device out of the box is a very nice solid phone. It feels solid in the hand. HTC have added back the silly chin. Not sure I see the point in it. The processor is a single core 1G Snapdragon. A processor that at this point has been around a LONG time but is a good performer for most things. It is surprisingly responsive given the processor for most things. Web browsing of course will quickly show up the age of this processor. As does intensive HTML emails. There’s occasional pauses on popping back to the home screen too. Movie playback would likely also be more limited. But then there is no video out (that I am aware of). A feature I increasingly have been using!

The display is surprising bright and crisp albeit small at only 3.7″, 480×800. It’s a TFT device so it ought to be more readable in bright sunlight, and should be better on the battery. The back of this phone does not come off like most but there is a small section of the bottom which does come off to allow the SIM and uSD card to be inserted/changed. The battery is not replacable by the end user, so no carrying spare batteries 😦

The phone includes 3.7G of storage so lots of room for aps etc. I like this more recent trend to add plenty of memory.

The is quite thin at only 9.25 mm and only 115g in weight. Very small. The battery is 1500 mAH so not bad in capacity.

In the box it comes with a micro USB charger and cable but did not come with a headset. Odd. There is a 3.5 mm standard jack.

HTC have included a notification light, something I wish Samsung would add. I miss it.

The power switch is on the top of the device and other than the volume rocker that’s it. There is no camera button. An increasingly common practice.

The phone came out of the box with Android 4.03 (Ice Cream Sandwich). Something I applaud. I’m still waiting for my upgrade from Android 2 on my Samsung Glide. HTC’s Sense is on the device a UI tweak I’ve always liked.

There is no settings button and no search button either. Only a back, home and recently used buttons. The settings button is hidden in the notification bar. Took me a few seconds to find it. The bottom bar is configurable! Something again I miss on my Samsung.

The Camera is 5 Mp and includes an LED flash. Video can do 720p but not 1080 impressive for an entry level device.

ICS/Sense includes the ability to change the base font size. A nice improvement. Of course this is dependent on aps not choosing to do there own fonts.

The install base of aps is quite good with little to no Bellware.

Like a lot of phones out there neither the homescreen nor the aps menu rotate. An irritating trend. With my glide it does Rotate both but ONLY when the slide out keyboard is out. Stupid.

The onscreen keyboard on this tiny screen is really quite hard to use. There is so little space left for showing what you are typing and what the auto predict is suggesting that it’s almost a joke.

The device did support a 32G class 10 uSD card (including full class 10 speeds!) and scanned new content quickly. It totally ignored DIVX content and out of the box would not do movie playback (of the movies I had on the card). With MX installed movie playback worked and was good. Sound quality on movies and music was good. I would have to say it didn’t seem a whole lot different from regular audio. They go on about “Beats Audio”.

When you plug it into a computer you get the choice of charging it, using HTC Sync, USB Tethering, Internet pass through (from the PC) or disk drive. I’ve not touched HTC Sync in a while. It was pretty bad before. Internet pass through did not work for me. I’ve not seen this option since Windows Mobile! I’m thrilled to have disk drive mode back rather than MTP.

I could not seem to find DLNA support on the device. A shame I like it (albeit buggy and inconsistently implemented).

I didn’t have a Bell SIM and didn’t have the device for that long so no battery comments or network performance either. Sorry …

I must say this device is a surprisingly good device for a low end phone. Solidly build nice feel, slim … Not a whole lot to complain about (for the price).

Engadget’s write up for the One V.


June 27, 2012 - Posted by | Android

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