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HP Elitebook 2560p review

Got a new laptop at work and this was what they got me. I was expecting an IBM X series. The unit is not the smallest or lightest but does include a DVD burner. It’s kind of half way between a mini and a full size notebook. It comes with a 12.5″ display, a chicklet keyboard, 250G 7200RPM, HD, 4G memory, 2 USB 2 ports, 1 combo USB/eSATA port, display port (not HDMI), SVGA port, SD card slot, express card slot, core I5 Pro 2520M, DVD RW burner and much more. It includes both a glide point and a touchpoint so you can choose. The unit is solidly built in what HP calls DuraCase construction which contributes to the heft 4.4 pounds this unit ends up being. It comes with a 6 cell battery which boasts over 7 hours battery life. Wow. Performance on this laptop is quite good but the fan runs frequently and is noisy. A trade off in getting the Core I5, but probably also due to the fact it’s a corporate managed machine.

Performance numbers from Win 7’s Windows Experience Index are:
7.1 Processor
7.1 RAM
4.7 Aero Graphics
6.1 Gaming Graphics
5.9 Hard drive

By comparison my 3 year old Dell Lattitude D620 with an SSD, Core 2 Duo T7400 and 3G of DDR2 RAM got:

Starting price for this unit is a whopping $1099.

I also got a 2560 docking station. The docking station design is a little dumb. It covers the Kensington lock port on the notebook and while it has a standard Kensington lock receptacle but it only locks the dock (not the notebook). There is a custom barrel lock that locks both.

This is a nice notebook, heavier than I would personally choose, and way more expensive than I would ever pay.

Another review of this notebook.


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