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Filtrete 3M50 Wi-Fi Touch Screen 7-DAY Programmable Thermostat review

I’ve been procrastinating buying a programmable thermostat. I bought one and had to return it because it was a piece of crap. The touch screen was aweful. So I did a bit of research and thought it would be neat (in a geeky kind of way) to be able to control it over WIFI. So I found this one. It’s a little on the pricer side but programmable thermostats can save money so adding remote control as well is somewhat of a justification. Now your probably thinking this is going to be a long review. Well you’d be wrong. Because this thermostat is just plain dead easy. I am shocked how good a job they have done on it. Now that’s not something you hear often from me 🙂

To use the WIFI you need to have a constant source of power. This turned out to be pretty easy for me because there was a spare unused wire running to the thermostat from the furnace. I had to figure out where to hook it up inside the furnace but being a computer engineer this wasn’t too hard. Once it was all wired up and physically mounted came setup. And 3M could not have made this easier. Here’s the setup guide if you want to check it out. But in short here are the steps (all very well documented):
1) connect to the thermostat which sets itself up as a new WIFI network
2) then you tell it your WIFI network settings. And it even supports WPA! Nice.
3) then you register the thermostat on the 3M portal. Dead easy
4) The portal then guides you by asking you wizard like questions to program your thermostat

From there once setup you can modify the program, control the thermostat and even set away mode all remotely over the web portal. You can even have multiple thermostats. It’s also compatible with mobile phones. There’s even an Android (or iOS) ap for the thermostat! You can even update the firmwware of the thermostat remotely using the Android Ap. No Blackberry or Windows mobile though.

There are even third party aps like to control and display your thermostat.

The touch screen and back lighting are both very well done and the screen is easy to read. It runs on 3 AA batteries that they don’t include.

If there is anything they missed is there is no humidifier control.

From a wish list point of view a programmable way to change the thermostat to/from away mode for vacations would be nice. Alarms for temperature issues would be very handy for cottages and the like.

I bought mine over ebay, of course! 🙂



September 22, 2012 - Posted by | Electronic gadget reviews

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