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Metro interface on Windows 8 and Server 2012? WTF …

I first got a taste of Microsoft’s tiled interface referred to as Metro when I reviewed Windows Mobile 7.5. Everything is subjective but for me while I like the dynamic nature of the tiles I find the interface to be clunky and kinda old. All the edges are square and there’s nothing exciting (for me) in the UI. The idea of moving this interface onto a desktop is all well and good if you are trying to attract the non computer crowd, but Microsoft have made a mistake by alienating the tech crowd by not allowing the start menu to be easily added back. The interface seems well suited to Windows tablets. And then when I got my first look at Microsoft Server 2012 and realized they have moved Metro onto servers? Now this I really don’t get. Since servers are often isolated from the internet the idea of dynamic content rich tiles is moot. I have no idea how this makes any sense at all.

Windows 8 (Build 8400 pre release)
I’ve been playing with Windows 8 for a bit now and I am getting use to it. I can’t say I like but I can say I can work around it.

The messaging and calendar ap allows Google and Hotmail accounts to be added easily. Any other type of mail or calendar like Linked in, facebook or anything else for that matter is SOL. And if you happen to be using an older style pop3/smtp mail … not a chance.

The contacts ap on the other hand is a whole lot more broad. No idea why Microsoft think this kind of partial support is acceptable. It’s just frustrating:

And the messaging ap supports Windows live and Facebook. No gtalk or anything else for that matter.

Microsoft have of course built in support for SkyDrive no surprise there. No other cloud storages seem to be natively supported.

If Media Center is still in Windows 8 I can’t seem to find it. A shame I use it on Windows 7 all the time and love. Have since 2003!

The news weather and finance tiles seem to have lots of nice fluff to amuse all. Even some information 🙂

There’s no facebook tiled ap, an odd thing to be missing.

The browser is a skinned version of IE 10 but there is a non skinned version on the desktop.

Adding items onto the tiled menu when they are not dynamic end up being nothing more than short cuts.

There is a store that includes Music, Movies, Books and apps. I didn’t buy anything so can’t report on the experience.


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