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Generic Cloud Storage

Cloud storage is all the rage these days. The idea is to store common stuff you need between your phone, tablet, PC etc all in one place. There are lots of them, for example DropBox, SkyDrive, SugarSync, and Google Drive to mention a few. There are obvious differences such as storage space and the like.
Here’s a comparison of a few of them. How you choose to use this cloud storage is something you need to decide for yourself. Personally I don’t know that I trust them to put things like movies or MP3s there. It’s only a matter of time before companies start petitioning these companies to look for this kind of content. So for me, not a chance I will be using it for that. So what interests me is the idea to use the cloud to backup and access locally derived content such as movies and pictures. That way they are always available no matter where you are. I have a PC at work (behind a proxy) running Windows 7, a PC at home running Windows 7, a Windows 2008R2 server, an Android 2.35 Phone and an Android 4.0 Tablet. So everyone’s mix is going to be different but this review will be based on mine. (More statements of the obvious shall ensue 🙂 )

So right off the bat I don’t want to have to manually kick off content backup. If I take a picture I want it to upload to the cloud on it’s own. Imagine if every camera did that! I’d also like a directory on the PCs, tablets and phones that are kept in sync when I drop stuff there. I’d like some control of what it does (what directories) when it does it (on WIFI or on 3G data) etc. Now personally I am on a 6G plan so I’m not too worried about data but it will draw precious battery power. So let’s have a look.

This was the first one I tried. The PC ap includes support of the proxy at work, and auto uploads the contents that are dropped into a specific directory to the cloud. Unfortunately on Android there’s no way to automate the upload of pictures taken. The interface is simple and quick. But with no Android auto upload, this is out.

DropBox’s PC ap does not support proxies that I have to use at work so this part of it is out. Auto upload off Android works well, and while you can manually upload additional directories you can’t specifically decide what folders to keep in Sync. It also uploaded videos taken on the phone which is both good and bad. They can be large. You can manually upload files but no ability to upload whole directories. Clumsy.

The PC ap allows complete control of exactly the directories you want uploaded! Anything you drop there is taken care of automatically! Nice! Same thing on Android. So this is looking good. Deleting a file at it’s source also deletes the file on SugarSync. Well sort of. It’s still there in the deleted files. No idea for how long. So all in all SugarSync works for me.

This article could go on and on, not like me to do that 🙂 But that said, that’s it for me. Enjoy!


October 26, 2012 - Posted by | Android, Uncategorized

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