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LOGITECH 920-003403 bluetooth keyboard review

I’ve had a few bluetooth keyboards and they just keep getting better. I tried some smaller ones but they were all disasters. My favorite keyboard before now was a Targus one. It provided good laptop like feel. It however was a generic keyboard not made specifically for Android so was missing the Android keys that are a must to navigating around the device remotely (without touching the screen).

I bought this keyboard from Dell on sale for $50 including free shipping. I like to deal with Dell, they ship quickly, are trustworthy, and have a decent return policy.

Bluetooth pairing was easy and smooth. I was up and running in no time. The keyboard is a good size with nice layout of the keys. Very traditional. Easy to get use to with nice feel. This one is on par or better than the Targus. The keyboard is solid. Much more so than the targus which was largely plastic. It runs on 4 AAA batteries that are included. The keyboard has two lights, one for battery status and one for bluetooth. There’s an easily accessible power switch and a connect button on the back of the keyboard. The keyboard goes into power save mode if not used for a bit but wakes up when keys are pressed again. It does take a second or two but works smoothly otherwise. Unfortunately the on screen keyboard I use Swiftkey switches Android to the default Samsung IME keyboard each time it connects which is a pain. Swype does not.

The keyboard comes with a carrying case that doubles as a stand. It’s well built.

The unique thing about this keyboard is that it has the unique buttons for Android. This includes home, back, search and options. This is the first keyboard I’ve played with that has all of these! It also has mutlimedia buttons to do play/pause, volume up and down, forward, reverse etc. All of which work. It makes navigating from the device without having to touch the screen easier. There are additional buttons for web, email and music none of which work. There is a calendar button that does work. They have put the correct (for Android) backspace! These are all FN and another key and the writing is in blue. The blue is a little hard to see. The keyboard is not backlit and there’s also no IBM Thinkpad like airplane key light. This is really nit picking. The keyboard can also only remember one device at a time. Shame, people having phones/tablets is more and more common. Oh well.

All in this is a fabulous keyboard. The only thing that would make it better would be some kind of mouse control. But even without that, this is now my favorite keyboard. I sit on my couch with my mouse and keyboard and my phone hooked up to an HDMI monitor. Love it!


November 3, 2012 - Posted by | Android, Electronic gadget reviews

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