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My favorite Android Aps

Every now and then I like to post my list of favorite aps. These do change from time to time as I find new aps. The ones with the $$ I bought.

2nd core a neat ap that shows how the second core and the frequencies of the cores is being managed. Not compatible with Quad cores
2x a free RDP client that works great.
680 news well done and includes the ability to play the latest traffic report anytime. This feature alone would have me load it.
Amazon Kindle book reading ap.
AndFTP a great free FTP/SFTP ap. I use it for content management on my phone and tablet.
Babe of the day a great widget.
Bands in town a great ap to watch for concerts in your area from your music collection
Banjo an interesting social networking ap that will alert you when one of your friends is doing something close to you. A but creapy.
Bar code scanner a great QR code scanner.
Battery Graph is a great ap that will allow you to export your battery usage for offline analysis.
Battery info a simple battery level widget.
Beautiful widgets a home screen widget similar to HTC Sense. $$
BotSync (my review) an RSYNC client that I use to automate content management.
Brightest flashlight.
Data enabler widget is a simple fast way to disable/enable data to save battery.
Dell Voice (my review) is the best of the free VOIP aps IMHO.
Deskclock Plus simple easy desk clock with great modes for night time and the like. Of all the ones I tried I like this one best.
EyeFi (my review) interfaces with my SD WIFI card on my camera to immediately offload pics from the camera to the phone. It can also be used to upload pictures taken on the phone and back them up.
Facebook is still one of the worst written, slowest, data hungry aps.
Flixster is a great ap for knowing about movies in your area and new releases on DVD. Even includes links to trailers!
Four square a great ap to automate facebook and twitter location checkins. As my friend Lance calls it voluntary stalking.
Go mobile an ap for the Go train schedules
Google Reader is an Android ap to interface with the web interface for Google Reader. Anything read in this ap or on the web site tracks each other. No offline mode. Otherwise a good RSS reader.
Grocery IQ is a great Grocery list ap that includes a web portal to insure your Grocery list is always with you and you never have to set it up over and over again!
My data manager is the best of the aps to track where your data is going. It even remembers uninstalled Aps. The best of the ones I tried.
No LED is a great ap to help you avoid missed calls, emails etc. You can use it to make up for the lack of a notification LED or simply to nag you when you haven’t dealt with a message/call etc. Very configurable. Awesome ap.
Orientation Control $$ allows you to manually set and fix a particular rotation. This is useful given Samsung did not include the ability to rotate the home screen or menus. I use it when I connect my phone to an HDMI monitor. It’s also useful to force it to a rotation when you are going to use the onscreen keyboard and want to use it always in landscape mode. I later discovered Ultimate rotation control $$ which in addition to allowing you to manually lock the rotation also enables full auto rotate mode including the homescreen and the menus. No idea why Samsung left this feature out but this lets you add it back.
Plug in Launcher $$ allows you to do programmatically controlled tasks when WIFI connects, bluetooth connects, a headset is connected, or power is connected.
Radio thermostat controls a WIFI enabled thermostat in my home. Great ap well done!
Run GPS (my review) $$ is probably the best exercise based GPS tracking program out there. Even supports bluetooth hear rate monitors. You can also use it to navigate while hiking with support for waypoints. The only one I found to do that. You can even convert and import waypoints from other aps.
Scan media kicks off a scan of your content to update movies/music. Necessary when you use aps to manage your content.
Shazam identifies music you are hearing or humming. Great ap complete with facebook integration and remembers the songs you identified. Well done.

Sugar Sync (my review) is the best Cloud storage based ap to backup your content on your phone
Audio Galaxy (my review) links up with a client running in your home to give you streaming access to your entire music collection on the go!
Touchdown (my review) allows you to access your work Exchange server. Excellent program well done.
These two programs help you get better battery life by turning your data connection on/off. This saves power for the radio and if there’s no data there nothing for your processor to do either. Battery defender allows you to turn your data connection off during a range of time. I set this for when I’m at my desk. The nice thing is that it turns it back on the minute the screen is turned on!
Juice defender cycles the data connection on an interval you can control. It also turns the data connection on when the screen is turned on.
Sound meter tells you how loud your surroundings are. Neat albeit in a geeky kind of way.
Speedtest tests your phones data connection. It records a log including the location of the test and you can also email or post it. Nicely done.
Swiftkey hands down the best on screen keyboard I’ve found on Android to date. Excellent auto correction/prediction and even learning. You can point it at your SMS, facebook, gmail etc to learn your style. Improves prediction.
TorrentFU interfaces with uTorrent running in your home and allows you to queue up downloads remotely.
Transit now is an excellent ap for the Toronto Transit system and even shows on the map the real time location of street cars/buses. Well done.
The Weather network
Usage timelines is the best processor utilization display taking up the min of space. You can even drag it down and see a graph of the CPU usage. If there was anything missing it would be to be able to see the usage of each separate CPU.
Vlingo is voice dialing, voice command. I still haven’t decided if I like this ap but so far it’s the best of the worst.
Volume togge coupled with volume timer allow you to easily and programmatically change the volume of your phone. I love these aps.
Where’s my droid allows you to have a friend find where you are and if you pay you can use it to wipe the phone etc. Great ap for kids if you want to know where they are. Does not require a data plan. Sends back your current GPS location or network location when it receives a text message with a user definable phrase.
Y5 remembers cell towers where you had WIFI connections and turns your WIFI on and off based on them. Simple, and well written program!
Flipboard is a news reader with lots of fluff. Quite elegant.
Big Font $$ allows you some control of your fonts. Something still sadly lacking in Android.
Cineplex another movie theater ap.
Surveillance $$ is a motion sensing program that will take pictures and save them or email them. Pretty well done. Trying to find what dog keeps shitting on your lawn? This program is for you!
Wifi Analyser will help you find and analyse what channels are in use.
Natalie MacLean wine cellar, matches and reviews.
tTorrent is a great ap for downloading content from torrents (P2P) right to the device.

Bubbles is a smooth and elegant bubble shooting game. Love it. A little heavy and it can chew through battery.
Stupid Zombies elegant and smooth well done shooter.
Jewels is a Bejewled game. Love it.
Word Scramble with friends a great word game. A little on the heavy side and can chew through battery.
Sudukho Daily Free
Tank Hero
Removem free is a good pattern matching game
Populus Romanus $$ is the best turn based military strategy game. I’ve wasted many an hour playing this game 🙂 Very well done.
Robo defense is a tower defense game.


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