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Samsung S2 LTE downgrade to ginergerbread

I ran into a show stopper on my S2 LTE about unstable bluetooth. I can’t live without bluetooth. I have it in my car and use it every day for taking calls as well as listening to music. In reading around the web there seemed to be commonality pointing to Ice Cream Sandwhich (Android 4.04) being the cause. So I started looking into downgrading back to Gingerbread, Android 2.35. So I did it. This video and this guide explained the process. It’s pretty simple, you download your original ROM which I was able to find on Sammoblie, as well as a tool to put the ROM on, in this case Odin.

I made one mistake in the process. I highly recommend you factory reset and format the internal storage prior to downgrading. I had issues with it trapping constantly at first until I did a factory reset.

My number one concern was that I wanted to be able to put ICS back on, as well as be able to put future ROMs on. Gingerbread upgrade is done using Kies. I’m happy to report it looks like I could use Kies to upgrade it back to ICS. I didn’t actually do it but it does show as possible. I recently read an article saying Jelly bean is coming for the S2LTE from Rogers end of December.

I knew I would loose some things in downgrading. Right off the bat I noticed the lock screen is old annoying one Vs the nice more elgant ICS one. No more BT tethering. Battery life actually seems better. Bluetooth keyboard does not change the keyboard to Samsung IME (something that annoyed me on ICS). Right mouse button is back and is the equivalent of a back button. Sadly the bluetooth keyboard home button no longer works. For goodness sake how hard is it to consistently implement bluetooth keyboard and mouse. Every single one of my bluetooth connectivity issues are resolved with this downgrade, although from time to time it is a little unreliable. Turning Bluetooth on and off resolves it. LTE speed is same as before. Overall the phone seems a little snappier but it is also crashing more often than it did, so it’s a mixed bag. I will tread water until when the Jelly bean update comes out and cross my fingers that it fixes everything.


December 3, 2012 - Posted by | Android

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