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2010 Ford Fusion Ford Sync Stereo

I bought a 2010 Ford Fusion. It’s shocking how much electronics there are in a modern car today. Electronic compass, outdoor temperature, auto dimming mirror and a Ford Sync stereo system to name just a few. And all of the companies are heading in this direction. And this is not even on the high end!

I’ve heard a lot about the Ford Sync system so I was curious to see what it can do. Now mine did not come with the Nav system which reduces some of the functionality of the system. Oddly the system still acts as if nav is an option in things like the help menus. Poor design to not adapt. So it lists options that don’t work. Interestingly if you choose one of those options it just ignores you and goes back to playing.

So the Sync system consists of voice activated stereo commands for things like choosing what you want to listen to, line in (3.5″ audio jack in the glove box), USB (for flash drives, no iPOD support), bluetooth stereo and phone. Oddly there is no way to navigate the radio by voice that I could find.

If you have a phone that supports bluetooth, Sync can connect to it for hands free dialling and for listening to music (streaming bluetooth). Once paired it can even download the phone book from your phone for 255 entries. Once your phone book is downloaded the display will show incoming calls from these people with there names. You can also voice dial using the stereo. The voice dialling works well. If the person you want to call frequently didn’t get downloaded because you have more than 255 contacts you can manually send over a contact from Bluetooth by using the modify phonebook feature. Obviously a contact gets dropped to do this and I’m not sure how it chooses who to drop.

Sync is also suppose to support the ability to read text messages, but it’s not supported on my phone(s). No idea why.

Streaming bluetooth works very well including support for forward, reverse, play and pause. It does not show the name of the song being played as it does on my friends newer Ford Sync system. Not sure if it’s my car or the phone.

The car also includes a USB and 3.5mm aux jack in the glovebox. Sadly, it does not support an iPOD 😦

All in all this works well and is quite useful.


December 18, 2012 - Posted by | Android, Electronic gadget reviews

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