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Swiftkey Flow Open Beta

My favorite on screen keyboard is Swiftkey. Their tablet keyboard does a great job of pulling the keyboard to the edges where the thumbs are and on larger screens like 10″ it brings in a numeric keyboard.


This particular set of keyboards has the best (or least bad) auto correction. It also attempts based on learning your style to predict the next word. It learns from your texts, gmail, facebook etc. I am shocked how well this works. Every now and then it tells you how many keystrokes it has saved you and how many errors it has corrected. Well done. So much so that I have bought both the phone and tablet version of it.

You can even have some control on the size of the keys to best match your screen size.

Another of the unique features of this set of keyboards is that it works properly physical keyboards. This includes both bluetooth keyboards as well as hard keyboards on phones!

Swiftkey are now kicking it up a notch to include Swype like typing. I must say I love it. There Beta is out and it is an open beta. Stop by and Check it out. They call it Swiftkey Flow. For me there are two missing features to make this perfect. A swype to delete and a list of possible words to choose from in case it gets it wrong. For now when it gets it wrong your best to move back delete and manually type the keys you really wanted. Fortunately this does not happen often.

December 18, 2012 - Posted by | Android

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