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Llama Android Ap review

I’ve used a number of Android aps in the past to automate the switching of settings. Recently my good friend Lance introduced me to this ap, Llama which is so unbelievably powerful it can replace MANY of the aps I’ve used in the past. Llama takes a while to setup and configure. It is VERY powerful. The good thing is all this time you spend setting it up can be preserved through a backup/restore functionality that is built into the ap. Which is awesome if your like me and switch devices from time to time. So what can this thing do? Ok, the functionality breaks down to it triggers on certain conditions (and the range of conditions are broad) and then takes actions (again the range of actions is VERY broad). I am totally shocked this ap is free. It works, it’s powerful, well writting and the programmer even had some fun with the messages it gives you. So let’s talk about some of the things it can do.

Location based triggering:
One of the first things you need to do is to train locations which it calls areas. This is done by the simply creating an area and then Start learning the area. It remembers the cell towers connected it connected while in learning mode. Be sure and move around a bit to get all the cell towers that denote the area you are in. If you miss one or two you can easily redo the training and it simply re-adds any new towers it connects to. Find a tower you don’t want part of a location? You can simply remove it. By using cell tower connectivity this ap can minimize the amount of power consumed (no need for GPS and no delay while it gets a lock) to achieve this functionality. A location will often be service by many cell towers so be patient while you set this up.

Once you have locations setup you use these to create location based events. Things like turn WIFI on when I’m at home. Lower the volume when I’m at work. etc.

Bluetooth triggering:
You can also trigger on bluetooth connectivity and select ONLY the specific bluetooth device connectivity you are trigging on. This is one of the most flexible aps for doing this. Others allow you to select all or one.

Time baseed triggering:
You can program times, and specific days you want to do things on. For example changing your phone to silent when your sleeping. And you can even create compound AND based triggers to insure it doesn’t go into quiet until it’s past a certain hour and at home. That way you don’t miss calls on nights your out late.

This program allows you to setup volume based profiles. A sadly missing functionality in Android. You have complete control of volumes, vibrate modes and the lot. You can even program special people in like family that can get past the quiet mode for emergencies for example. Again, this is the best ap at doing this I’ve player with hands down.

I ran into one small issue with the program. I wanted to turn WIFI on manually but I had a profile that turned it off when I left home. This constantly turned WIFI back off on me until I disabled that event. A small irritation.

I could go on, this program is unbelievably well written and really flexible. I can’t say enough about it. If I were to write a review on every thing this program can do the review would be VERY long. Give it a try. You won’t be disappointed. And you will be surprised how many aps this replaces. For me it replaced:
Volume Timer/Volume triggers – sound profile with time activation
Location aware alerts (for reminding me to get off my train)
Plug in launcher (previously used for acting on bluetooth connections
And more … It does things I never was able to automate before.

This ap is donate ware so if you like it and find it helpful, don’t forget to send along a few bucks to the author!

February 9, 2013 - Posted by | Android

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