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Anker® 4400mAh Li-ion Battery for the Samsung i9300 S3

Those that know me know I have a saying … I don’t know what enough is but I sure know what not enough is! Insert your favorite obsession here 🙂 The topic of this post … battery life. A partial rant.

I can’t speak for everyone but I know as my phone has become more and more capable I have used it to do more and more. 5 years ago surfing the web on a mobile device was almost unheard of. Videos had to be specially encoded to play on phones. All that has changed. Surfing on a modern quad core Android phone like my S3 is a treat limited primarily by the screen size. Video playback (and even output to HDMI) just works and without conversion. As we do more and more we push the edges of our batteries. Unfortunately manufacturers are more obsessed with thickness than making a device you can actually go through a day with. Now lugging around a big heavy phone/battery isn’t pleasant but neither is sitting at a restaurant pulling the back off your phone to change up the battery. And this is if you can even change the battery. A number of newer phones are sealed and you can not change the battery (something I consider to be a deal breaker). So why do phone manufacturers rarely offer extended batteries? And when they do they are slight improvements? I have to admit I don’t get it. For most devices I end up carrying a spare battery all the time.

For my old iPhone I had a Mophie. And while the concept still exists for a number of devices the price on the Mophie is high. Running around $100. There are a number of Mophie like products out there but when you read the reviews you find out they only marginally improved the battery life and no where near what they should have given the size of the extra battery. I’ve bought other aftermarket batteries and found them rarely to live up to the capcity they are suppose to have.

I’m a bit of an accessory guy. I buy stuff such as cases, extra batteries, external chargers etc for my gadgets. This time around for my S3 I looked and found everything I wanted on In the past I’ve got them from ebay. A lot of the items on Amazon that I bought come from the US or tell you how long they are going to take to get to you so your not stuck waiting a month as is typical with stuff coming from China.

So one of the items I saw was this Anker® 4400mAh Li-ion Battery. It was reasonably priced, and shipped to me very quickly. So I gave it a try. I was skeptical that it would do what it said.


The battery is simply two batteries glued together (or so it looks). There’s a good amount of empty space inside the cavity. It’s a shame they can’t make use of it, but that would require them to design a custom battery which would be more expensive. They also include a new back for the phone to accommodate the bulge. The new back cover is well designed. They left it thin at the top, and bevelled it near the camera to avoid getting in the way of the camera. Grabbing it at the top where it’s thin is nice. On the bottom they angled it in from the edge of the phone so my docking station still fits. The battery is VERY tight in the cavity of the phone. Almost too tight. With the back off I have had the battery pop back out of the phone. Once it’s all together the phone is notably heavier and thicker, the price you have to pay for having this whopper of battery. The default battery is 2100 MaH so this one ought to be double!

Android devices do not make measuring power consumption or in this case battery consumption easy. There are no sensors to pick up battery current so one is left using the % battery left. I use a program called Battery graph to chart battery draw. To measure the amount of battery consumed I leave the phone in standby. Try hard not to touch it and try and turn off auto event things so that I can get as accurate a power draw as possible. Since the error in your measurement is going to be +- 2% (that’s as granular as Android shows you) you need to get a reasonable amount of data to make the error less significant. And that was a challenge for this measurement. I had to leave the phone for 2 days to get enough data. What I measured was an improvement from projected stand by battery life from 82.2 hours using the battery that came with the phone to a whopping 208 hours with the Anker or an improvement of 2.5 times the original! So if I take 2100 MaH as the original this one measures in at 5314 MaH. So not only does it live up to what it should be it’s even better! Now the original battery may not have been up to what it should be but the salient point here is this … this battery lives up to what it is suppose to be, at least twice the original battery! Very impressive.

It’s worth noting that the amount of current the phone passes to the battery does not change because it’s a bigger battery. So this means it will take longer to charge.

And I have to say, in using it you really do feel the better battery life. For once I don’t find myself glued to a power cable. The weight is noticeable. It will be up to you as to whether it’s worth it to you or not. But for the money this is a great deal!

Raw data:

Seconds % change % per hr Batt life % data Error
Original battery 85801 29 1.216769 82.2 6.9
Anker 172200 23 0.480836 208.0 8.7
%Improvement 253.0527
Estimated size 5314.107 MaH

May 3, 2013 - Posted by | Android

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