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3CX has a number of apps in the market place so I did some exploring. I was looking for a remote control ap that would allow me to text message from my phone using my computer.

3CX Mobile device manager is an ap that has a back end web based portal that allows management services to a remote device or devices. You can lock it, wipe it, locate it, push aps to it. The ap takes over as an administrator to the device so if you decide to uninstall it it’s a little complicated. While I found the feature list impressive especially for small businesses with a number of devices to manage I found it not something I need.

3CX Remote Android Desktop is more along the lines of what I was looking for. I end up with the need to text message (SMS) folks and having to endure an onscreen keyboard when I am sitting behind a computer is frustrating. Aps like Samsung Kies have the limitation that they don’t allow you to use the features when tethered. And Kies offer lots of promise but doesn’t live up to it’s potential. I wish Samsung would focus on Kies and get it right and more convenient. This ap has no such limitation. Once the server is started on the phone you hit the web site with any browser. From there you can completely remotely control your phone if it’s rooted. Even if it’s not rooted you can do file management (including the ability to copy files on and off the phone), send SMS texts, use the camera, and see lots of info about the phone including it’s location. This ap works very well. If there is any limitation it’s that it only works while your on WIFI. But that limitation comes from the fact that the cell phone provider seems to block it. So not the fault of the ap. The layout of the SMS ap is threaded and easy to see and work with. Integration with the contact manager is good allowing you to type new messages to contacts. If there’s a thumbnail with the contact that shows up too. Desktop notifications nicely show you when a message has come in as well as if the phone is ringing. So all in all quite nice. https (encrypted) is not supported.

Lastly is Droid desktop. Now why they have two so similar products is beyond me. They are a little different in functionality. This one offers the ability to remotely control your phone (if you have root), ability to text message, file management, access to your pictures (took a while to come up), access to your camera (but your phone needs to on and unlocked, Remote Access Desktop does not have that limitation), and also adds a WIFI keyboard. The WIFI keyboard requires you to select it as your input device and then you can type happily on your PC keyboard into Any Android ap! The unique feature this ap has over Remote access desktop is what it calls bridge mode. In bridge mode you get around the blocking your cell provider can put in place. You hit a web site enter your email address and password and you have access to your phones functions even while on the cell network Vs the WIFI limitation of Remote Android Desktop. I prefer the layout of the messaging of Reote Android desktop, the layout just seems clearer.


Here’s the bridge mode logon (if you enable it). As I am sure you can imagine since it is going through the cell network rather than a local LAN or USB connection it is noticeably slower. Even to notice new messages.

https (encrypted) is supported.

I’ve tried a number of other aps to allow you to use your PC to send text messages from your phone, these two work the best.

What I would REALLY like is if they combined these two products into one and gave the best of both!


July 18, 2013 - Posted by | Android

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