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Updating my Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7 Plus P6210 to Jelly bean

I’ve had my Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7 plus P6210 (could they make the name any longer) for a long time. I bought it after I had been so impressed with the first generation of Tab 2. The 7″ is an uber portable size that fits in your pocket. I have found myself using it more since moving to a Blackberry Q given the Q’s screen size. Especially for ebook reading. Officially here in North America the P6210 has been stalled at Honeycomb Android 3. Android 3 was a bastard in that it was used only in tablets. So a lot of apps have stopped supporting it. I read an article about an official release being sent out in the UK. And so started my quest.

Samsung offer a tool called ODIN that allows manually updating the ROM on their devices. So I found
the complete guide to using ODIN.

Next up you need to find the actual ROM file. It has been pulled from a number of places but I googled it and found it.

I originally tried the update on one PC and it failed miserably. With an innocuous error message that didn’t point me anywhere.

So I decided to try again and low and behold it worked first off. The process starts by placing the device in ROM download mode, power off the tablet, then power on and press the down volume button. Let all the drivers install on Windows and then do the ODIN process. It took about 15 minutes to load. Once loaded it did an upgrade including preserving all the existing apps. So I now have my tablet upgraded and running 4.1.2! Yay! Breathes new life into my old tablet. The user interface is now freshened to the more standard jelly bean (Vs honeycomb).

The update has also added support for exfat so that you can handle files larger than 4G (movies for example). Yay! I even tried my 64G SDXC card and it also worked! So all in all a nice move forward!


January 6, 2014 - Posted by | Android

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